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Procrastinating again.

I'm tired of my work for now, everything is at a standstill due to other party not responding, it feels like constipation. So I shall indulge a bit in fandom for now.

I remember when I was so not confident in my own interpretation of characters back then, I can only imagine the stories in my head and never wrote them down. But after some trying, I realized I actually get to know the characters more only when I actually start writing about them.

I wrote a lot of Auron and Lulu, along with some Rikku and Wakka too. Rikku can be fun to write, but she can go out of control for me as well. I've written some Locke and Terra, but I always feels there is something missing there, and I'm still trying to fill it in. Now I have another pairing that I'd really like to explore, and that is Balthier and Ashe. I've rewatched the game DVD again to try to refresh my memories of the story, but somehow I still could not feel so connected to them yet, as compared to the other two pairings.

I guess in a way, I don't feel so connected to the FFXII world yet, though I actually do kind of like it and would like to explore it. Maybe I should just, write something and try to get to know the world and characters better.