saharasnow: Made by me (Let's Pound Some Retards! - Okita)
Probably will start writing some fanfics in my own language again: Mandarin.

I write best in Mandarin to be honest, there are a lot of things I'd like to express but often find difficulties due to my limited vocabulary and hopeless grammar. I've tried writing Auron/Lulu in Mandarin before, but somehow it all felt weird. Especially the translation of their names.

Since then I never wrote anything that is game related in Mandarin. But I did wrote some original pieces before, and was told that they were too difficult to understand. *sad face* However, I'd attempt again, after so many years. All these years of experience would definitely help. I believe.

But any FF pieces are still going to be written in English. I can't get over the weird translation of their names.

But I'd write anime fanfics in Mandarin. The Japanese names are fine when they were written in Mandarin (afterall, modern Japanese were originally from China anyway).

Yep I'm going to write me some Gintama fanfics to satisfy my inner (creepy) fangirl desires.

I'm not sure why I always chooses the pairing that nobody (or the minority) likes, but oh well. Knowing me, I'm not going to care, much.

Also, because I'm laying low, kind of, in my working side. So maybe spending more time in fandoms again, since I have no (other)life other than photography.