9/9/13 17:03
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I'm having such a serious block right now.

From my photography. I just cannot find the motivation to switch on my laptop and photoshop to process anything. It's really frustrating, especially when the backlog is building up really quickly and I already have people chasing after me for photos.

I accepted two fanfic commissions, which oh my gawd, finally I have ideas for. I was very worried that I could not come up with anything better that will excel my previous fic. I still may not be able to do it, but at least this is something I can work on and contribute it without feeling that I've hold myself back in any ways.

The LeviHan one is another daunting one.

Editor is expecting me to just go ahead and break the 8000 words limit but I'm not even sure if I can write 5000 now. But after considering about it for days, I need to extend the story to develop their relationship to make it more believable, hence yea, maybe I'd reach 8000 or even go past that after all.

LeviHan is a ship that enables me to go back to all those angst and despair back when I was writing Aulu (fics seriously need to be updated). I'm not really fond of making a couple gushy about each other or those happily married stories, not even for a light-hearted ship like OkiKagu.

I need more works.

And it laments me that we cannot have something like that here or US. Because nobody really published fanworks like Japan, China, Taiwan and HK.

Le sigh.


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