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After two days of non-stop drilling, I finally got my mind so fucked in a way that I'm feeling inspired to... do something.

My foot has been hurting recently, and the weather was just plain nasty.

But I've been lurking in different places, reading every fanfics I can find of the pairings I ship and a recent slight despair with introduction of some new characters that I absolutely have no feelings for.

I'm now on chapter 8 for another on-going series, and this seems like a cursed number. I always gets stuck at chapter 8 for my own fics. Groan.

But anyway, I'm not dead. I'd still write and continue what I've started (so how many times have I said that already and none of my series are done yet?!)

I have the same sentiments with Sorachi about things now. Blaaaaahhh.

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15/3/12 14:54 (UTC)
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We keep trying, don't we?

I've been fighting with Love Her and Despair for the last few weeks, listening to a lot of fic, or playing bits of FFXIII-2 (first playthrough) to get me in a dramatic mood. It's so hard to fight when you're stuck!

I've only posted 3 ficbits in a year. I started that story in 2007. So I know how you feel.


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