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Never stopped writing, just, been writing for another fandom in another language and I probably got the largest culture shock. Ever. Eight months in that fandom, and I've witnessed so much retarded behavior and unnecessary hatred that, oh well.

But let's just say the people there got their fair amount of culture shock too when I started releasing the fics I've wrote. And these were mainly the kind of feedbacks I got from people who actually bothered.

"Your fic is unpopular because the story is mature."

And mature I don't mean lemon. Well, I did, wrote one, for that pairing.

I do have a (very tiny) group of people who told me they really like what I wrote and it was quite a new perspective on the pairing as compared to all the love stories written about them. And then it dawned on me if I've been writing just -love- stories about Auron and Lulu.

And then again, I like to believe I don't.

I suck at love stories.

I don't really think the Auron and Lulu I wrote were "in love". And nether were any of other pairings I wrote. I think I like "bond" better.

And after so many months of neglecting English I need to start picking it up again.